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We need only 2 genders…period

Remember ten years ago, when someone asked about our gender (for whatever reason, mainly in the kindergarten, which was asking just for the sake of fun interaction between kids), we can easily answer we are either a male or a female, without a doubt or any argument.  Gender to me, as a 20 year old dude, is either a male or a female, or at least that is what I learned since before attending kindergarten.  You have a penis, you are a male, you have no penis, you are a female, simple as that.

Well, we are not going to know what I learned as a kid today.

Recently, when I was scrolling through the Facebook feed, I came across an interesting news about this whole gender stuff, which ignites the flame in me to write this piece of post (I don’t usually do this,I am as lazy as everyone is, but I really want to express myself about this topic amidst all the mess happening in the world right now)

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This is the news.

The Canadian baby, Searly Atli Doty, was not assigned a gender the birth certificate because the parent, Kori Doty (see I am not using “his/her parent”, I’m using “the parent” instead), wants the baby to choose later in life, either to be a male or female or non-binary or whatever 50 other genders.

“It is up to Searyl to decide how they identify, when they are old enough to develop their own gender identity”

“I am not going to foreclose their choices based on an arbitrary assignment of gender at birth based on an inspection of their genitals” 

Kori Doty, which self identified as non-binary trans, stated that this aims to prevent the baby grow up conforming the stereotype of being a male or a female (like male=blue, masculine etc; female=pink, feminine, etc)

Ok, what do I think of this gender chaos (which is quite a big deal if you use his/her, he/she wrongly)

Let’s start with the parent.  

First of all, what is non-binary?  Apparently, non-binary gender is a gender identity that’s neither male or female.  (Get it? Binary is the 1 and 0 stuff in math or maybe other subject, so non-binary is otherwise..ermm.. get it ? )

The first time I have ever encountered with this “non-binary gender” thing is when I was watching Ellen video on YouTube where she interviewed a star from “Orange Is The New Black” and “Billions”, Asia Kate Dillon.

Until now, you would probably think that I was that kind of extremist that reject all this kind of thing like homosexual or stuff like that.  Well, you are wrong because I won’t even give two cents how you want to behave yourself as long as you won’t get in my way.  I just don’t understand,  WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL about the whole gender thing, this get way too much attention that other thing that matter.

  In the video, the actress say she (I will call her a she because that’s what my education taught me) prefer others to call her using the pronoun “THEY/THEIR”.  I don’t know what Kori Doty prefer what we call him/her/etc (see that’s the problem, I don’t know what to type), but yeah, that’s the whole idea of non-binary gender.  Let us stop and take a deep breath and think (to yourself), don’t act like a social justice warrior for a while,  ISN’T THIS RIDICULOUS?  Not just grammatically (calling a single person they/their? I paid for my education to know more than this), but the whole genderless thing.

What is the problem of assigning gender to baby at birth?

What is the problem of having the gender column on the identification card? or any form?

Some people might even think that “It’s freaking 2017, why can’t you accept there’re more than 2 genders?”

Their argument about the whole genderless thing : The purpose of having gender assigned at the first place is because last time only men can vote and only men can own property.

Well I say, fuck you.  You know it’s 2017 and now everyone can vote and everyone can own property.  People are starting to see beyond this gender stuff, even female can be a country leader.  (So does that mean racism is not a thing now?  Yes, it still exist no doubt but there are people fighting to destroy it).  So the whole idea to destroy the gender box that aims at destroying sexism statement is not valid and irrelevant now.  Personally, I am so sick and tired of this type attention, all the political correctness, all those social justice warrior that’s happening in the society right now.  Just like the parent in the news, for me, it’s just another kind of attention seeking.  See, the baby is famous before learning to crawl.  To say that the baby has the right to choose whichever gender he/she wants to be is utterly rubbish. (and you choose the baby’s gender to be unknown, basing on your “baby’s right” logic, who says the baby wants to be unknown gender in the first place, the baby don’t even know how to speak).  I identified myself as a bird, so do I stop doing whatever I am doing, run outside in the middle of the day to take a crap on somebody windscreen? No.  What you self identified as has nothing to do with your biological organ.  

Nowadays, everyone wants to fight for something to get 10 seconds in the limelight.  To me, this news piece is a perfect example.  This is so an irrelevant action for the parent, to fight to prevent the doctor from assigning gender to the baby when they are born.  (Yes, they even have a website, CAMPAIGNING).  Fight for equality, fight for civil right, OK I have no problem with that, that is our utmost priority but this, genderless stuff???  With the World War III on the verge of happening, you still care about I call you a HE or SHE?? Can you imagine, years ago, we have the civil right movement, and now we have this campaign fighting for a small gender column on the birth certificate?  What a joke.

It’s 2017, people can obviously grow up without conforming to the stereotype of male or female.  If you think that by removing the gender column, the kid can grow up more happily, well tough luck, that’s not gonna happen.  If the baby is born a male and he later self-identified as a female then be it but the official documentation should be based on your biological appearance or your chromosome (duh).  Just as most of you all think, it’s just a piece of paper, why the gender column matter?  Exactly, it’s just a piece of paper, how does it stopped you from being who you wanted to be.

Here’s a simple tip: open up the diaper, take a look, is there a penis? If there is, then it’s a male.

The baby is born a male then he is a male whether he self identified as a male or a female.  The BIOLOGICAL gender is a male.  Keywords: BIOLOGICAL, which you can’t change as much as you claim that’s not your choice, who cares what you want to act like after that.  I’m not gonna go into using the chromosome to identify your gender or later there would be someone shouting:  

Don’t you dare assume my gender using my chromosome!!! (eyes rolled)

Can you imagine a world without gender identification?

When reporting a crime:

Police: Can you describe the robber?

“Well, tall, long hair, tan-skinned”

Police: Is the suspect a male of female?

“(shocked) I don’t know and how dare you”

Police: What do you mean? Is the suspect male or female?

“(angry) How dare you assume the gender of the suspect? How dare you? Do you even care about his feeling? There are more than 2 genders in the world, you ignorant pig”


And various other occasion like this too.

There are things more important than this gender mess which I hope everyone can see it.  When you are revolving around or care too much about how other people call you (a she or he), you are the most narcissistic person in the world, ignoring all other problems.  There are country at war,there are ethnic facing the threat of extinction and you sitting your ass in the air-conditioned room, planning the next street campaign, ruing the peaceful environment of the neighborhood just because you don’t like the truth that you are a MALE/ FEMALE.  Seriously, why do you even care? Live your life bitches.

Lastly, whenever someone asks about your gender, they are asking about your BIOLOGICAL GENDER (MALE/FEMALE), and no one wants to know what you self-identified as because nobody cares and you no need to be bitching and shoving down everyone’s throat (like in pornography) that you are neither he or she.